May 14, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Swimsuits

Good Morning, Ladies! Amanda here from Fashionista On A Dime! It's about that time again to dive into Fashionable Friday: Swimsuits. The weather is getting warmer and the kiddies are probably wanting to swim at the beach or play in the pool. Why not look fashionable while you're out playing with the kids?  Now, I know many of you out there want to skip this post altogether but trust me, you'll look like one hot mama once you learn how to conceal your problem-area and play up your assets!!

Big Bust? Use a Banded Halter!
Avoid Triangle Tops They Don't Provide Support!

Need to Camoflauge the Tummy? Use a Tankini w/Pattern!
Avoid Solid Colors

-Option #2-

Sexy Patterned One-Piece w/Draping Around the Hips!

Pear Shaped? Incorporate Flirty Tops & Casual Bottoms!
Avoid Boy Shorts & Detailed Bikini Bottoms

Small Bust? Use Bandeau Tops!
Avoid bikini tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit

I hope you ladies enjoyed this week's Fashionable Friday: Swimsuits! Now get out there and embrace your beauty and strut your stuff this Summer! You deserve it! <3 Amanda


  1. I love Amanda's post--so helpful! Congrats on being preggo, love you blog!


  2. Love the ON Butterfly print.
    Here's my Fashionable Friday post about what I wore on Mother's Day:

  3. Thank you, Ashley!

    Maryanne- I'm totally right there with you on the Old Navy butterfly print! I'm coming over to check your post! <3

  4. Love the bandeau bikini! Definitely on my wish list :)

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