December 9, 2009

Pottery Barn Felt Pillows

Hello ladies! Sorry it has been a few days since I posted anything but the little muchkin has been sick so it has been a little hectic over here. However, while she was laying on the couch I was able to address all 90 of my Christmas cards and I am mailing them tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Sorry mom for rubbing it in your face.

While on this home hiatus I found an awesome new blog called Cupkateer. She does things from crafts to cupcakes (hence the name) and I love everything she does. I wanted to showcase an awesome project that she did based off of the Pottery Barn Felt Pillows. I was so excited about this because this is what my mother-in-law and I do.  We rummage through the Pottery Barn catalog and tag the pages we like. We then go out and find a similar version of what we want and create our own for a fraction of the price. (Check out my Halloween Candle Decor post which we did just that).

Here is the Pottery Barn pillows that sell for 39 dollars

Here is the Cupkateer Version that costs 5 dollars to make

As you can see they are super adorable and cost way less to make! I love this idea and I am going to run out tomorrow and get the supplies to make my own! So if you want you own version of Pottery Barn Felt Pillows for a price normal people can afford that head on over to Cupkateer. I know I will everyday to see the cute projects she comes up with! Enjoy!


  1. BTW, are you a cloth diapering mama? I see this "diaper fund" on the sidebar and I was just curious.

  2. No, I do disposable diapers which is why I need a diaper fund lol. Glad to have featured you, your site is awesome!

  3. Do you sew? I have a great diaper pattern that is super easy to make and very cost friendly. Email me if you ever want to talk cloth.


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