June 11, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Leggings!

Hello Ladies & Welcome Back!
(Thank God It's Fashionable Friday!)
~That'll be our New Mantra!~

Okay, this week I want to recommend something you won't mind ditching your sweats for....I promise they are so comfortable, super affordable and will make you think this is just too EASY! What is this wonderful treasure I'm raving about? LEGGINGS!

The #1 place I recommend purchasing from is Victoria's Secret.
They have the best deals: Buy 2 for $20!
Plus...Vickie's always scored high on my quality check list.
But let me back track for a sec....what do you wear leggings with?
Just about everything. However, there are some rules.
#1 Make sure your top covers your hinney.
#2 Purchase neutral colors first: Black, Brown or Gray.
#3 Pair them with sandals for a casual, sassy look. Pair them with heels for an evening look. 
They are just so easy, simple, non-fussy and chic to wear during the day or at night!
So, what are you waiting for?
Go make your purchase! You'll love the way they go with everything!
Until next week, have a fabulous FASHIONABLE Friday!


  1. Maybe I'll actually have to try them now with those tips you gave.

  2. I am going to have to disagree with ya today =~[
    If you notice the one thing that the photos of these woman do not have.....Short legs.
    I am not a leggy or tall woman. I am curvy and small (okay short not small). I wish oh wish I could where them. I got away with them while preggo but not normally. So appreciate your blessed legs. I envy you.

  3. Hi Maryanne!

    You'll love 'em. Let me know what you pair it with. :)


  4. Hi Mommy Melback!

    Thank you for sharing your input.

    Midcalf leggings work best for smaller women like us (I'm 5'2 ;) because it tricks the eye into making it seem like we're taller by balancing out the figure. P.S. Steer clear from full-length leggings. It does nothing for our height.

    Curves are a blessing! Try wearing a loose top (like the yellow-one pictured above)with espadrilles or sandals in a neutral color (this lengthens our legs as well).

    I hope this helps re-establish your love for leggings. Have a beautiful weekend!


  5. I really like these leggings. They're great for lounging around the house.


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