March 5, 2017

Team Mom Duties


Hi all! Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I've been on here! My friend encouraged me to start blogging again with all my crafting ideas so here I am! Can I just say I have missed having a place to show off all my projects and goodies! And you guys are in for a treat because it only will I start to post again about different craft ideas but I will also start uploading free digital files of crafts, home decor, silhouette cut files, etc. I look forward to sharing these all with you!

For today I wanted to share a little bit about my latest project...Little League Baseball Banner. So kiddo #2 (we have 3 kids now!!!) is in his 3rd year of baseball and is loving it! My hubs stepped up to be the manager, his dad stepped up as assistant and I stepped up as team mom...were taking over!!! Bahahaha!!! 

Anyway so I'm sure you've all seen the new fangled fancy vinyl banners many sports teams have. While those are great I love me some good old fashioned hand made felt. Not only do I love the look of it but they are so much more cost effective!

So I ran to Joanns and purchased a yard of black felt, a yard of yellow, a yard of white, and a quarter yard of brown. I made sure to buy them on sale so I got them for $11.67. Add the paint for $10 and the ribbon for $5 we now have a custom handmade banner for under $25!

The banner itself took a few hours a day for a few days to design and assemble but luckily I had my handy silhouette cameo to cut all the shapes for me. Then my husband and I hot glued them on and I hand painted the names, etc. I am so happy with how it turned out and it's going to look great all year on the field! 

October 11, 2012

Fantastic Diaper Savings!

Ok so the other day I needed to run to the store because we were on our last diaper. I am sure this has happened to most of you once or twice or in my case numerous times. You know the "Oh, my son won't go to the bathroom enough today to make us run out, I can go to the store tomorrow" idea. Well it was one of those days and I ended up having one diaper left before bedtime so I made a quick run. I had $6 in extrabucks in my wallet so I decided CVS was the store to go. I walked in and went straight to the extracard scanner in hopes I would get a little more savings. I was right! It printed out a $2 off Huggies Little Movers Coupon as well as $10 additional extrabucks! So I went and grabbed a 20 pack of Slip Ons for $12.49 and a 21 pack of Pull-Ups Nighttime for $13.39. The were each on sale which made their price go down to $9.49 each. Then I gave them my $6 extra buck, my $2 coupon, and my $10 extra buck making the final price for 41 diapers $1.99!! I saved in total $24.90 which is a final savings of 96%! This made the cost of each diaper only 4.8 cents! I was so excited about my savings and I even recieved an additional extrabuck at checkout to use towards my next purchase! I can't wait to share with all of you when I have my next big savings trip!

December 6, 2011

Star Wreath Christmas Card Hanger

Hello again! So I saw this adorable star wreath Christmas Card holder on Domestically Speaking and thought it would be a great addition to our new house! So I headed on over to Hobby Lobby, which by the way was just opened 20 minutes away! I was so excited to hear about it's opening since I would read about it all the time and was so frustrated that there were no stores in California, but not anymore! So I headed to Hobby Lobby where all their Christmas Decor was 50% off so I purchased flower wire, garland, and berries for $15! I love how it turned out! This is my version on the wreath and make sure you check out Maryann's version!

And also check out our 8 foot Christmas tree! I love how it looks in our how and how it smells! My tree skirt looks tiny now so I might have to make a new one!!!

Dollar Store Version of the WS Glass Hurricane

Hello my fabulous follwers! Well we are almost all unpacked and you know me, I couldn't wait to decorate for Christmas! So I only did half of my normal decorations until I finish un-packing and I started with the Dollar Store Version of the Williams Sonoma Glass Hurricane that Melissa from 320 Sycamore made. Make sure you head over there and check out the detailed directions! So look forward to this and more Christmas decor in the next few days. On a side note, my sister just got engaged! I am so happy for her and excited to see what things we can make for her wedding so stay tuned to that! And here is my version of the hurricane on my newly re-done mantle :)

April 11, 2011

Spring Banner

www.Hello my Fabulous Followers! It feels so good to be posting about a craft again! Here is a little background on what I have been up to!

As you all know when I was pregnant I became sick and tired and had no energy what-so-ever so I put the crafting in storage and went on a hiatus. My little man was born 11-18-10 and my hubby started a new job 11-29-10 an hour away. Obviously I was in no condition to move so he had to live with friends on ours during the week while I stayed back with our little girl and brand new baby boy. This was not a fun time and there were many tears shed on those long, lonely nights. So as soon as I was feeling up to it we went apartment hunting and signed the lease on 12-15-10! We slowly moved in and were officially all together on 1-8-11. It was so nice to be a family again and to have OUR OWN SPACE after living with my in-laws for 2 years! I have slowly unpacked while adjusting to life with 2 kids and no family wihhin an hour for physical support. So it has been a slow process but we are all moved in and settled.

My little man has been sleeping through the night 12 hours (have I mentioned that he is a chubster...4 1/2 months old and 19 lbs!) so we are transitioning him into the same room as my daughter which means the corner of my room where is crib is now will soon become my craft corner! I am so excited to begin crafting/scrapbooking again and to share my ideas as well as other crafters wonderful ideas with you!!! So this will be a slow coming back process but it feels so good! I will also be making a custom look for my blog again and if you would like to see it as well as other custom blogs, invitations, announcements, etc check out my design site SH Designs that I just launched!

So the first craft I decided to do was a Spring Banner since my little girl was adament on having flowers in the living room so this is the next bext thing! I bought wooden flowers from Michaels, modge-podged them, inked the edges, and glued them to twine!

I love how it turned out and my daughter even helped!

I will leave this up all Spring and then do a star banner for summer because as you can see we are a very patriotic family!

Thank you so much to all you fabulous followers for sticking with me and I hope to talk to you all soon!!!

March 16, 2011

Just to See You Smile

I can't believe we have been here for 2 1/2 months already! We are settling in quite nice and are enjoying every minute of our new home. Sometimes it gets a little crowded in our 2 bedroom apartment which is why it is nice to have our patio as well as a playground right outside our door. In the summer it will be nice to go out to the pool area as well. I will upload pictures in the next few days because I know all of you want to see it! But for now I will leave you with an adorable picture of the little man who is 4 months old on Friday!

December 1, 2010


Hello my fantabulous followers! Wow it has been awhile since I have been on here. I would like to start posting again soon now that my little man has arrived! Caleb Ryder was born on November 18, 2010 at 12:40a.m. He came 3 weeks early so it was a nice surprise for Thanksgiving! We are so excited he is here and now that he is I am hoping to start crafting his cute little milestones and such. So look forward to some cute ideas! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon!!!