March 12, 2010

Fashionable Friday

Hello Fantabulous Followers and welcome to Fashionable Friday! This week Amanda and I have decided to show you date night outfits! We have two looks you can choose from depending on your comfortability and body shape. The first look is for those of us moms who want to look sexy when we go out with our hubby's but don't want to worry about our mummy tummy showing. To show all of you fantabulous readers I have (gasp!) decided to show you this dress on me since I own it! I think I was too tired to realize what I was doing at the time but here we go:

AVON Slimwear Shirred Waist Dress 39.99

The reason that I love this dress is that I don't have to worry about "sucking it in" or "covering it up" because it has a built-in power mesh which is specially designed to smooth and shape, flatten and flatter so you can hide your flaws and take control of your figure. And this is the only thing I am a medium in! You gotta love that! I love this dress and so will you! What shoes should you wear with it? Here are some versatile options:

Fabric Wrapped Wedge Sandal 22.99

Mid Heel Bow Slide 19.99

Lavish Ruffle Pump 24.99

I love the last pair! If you are looking for something that is not as formal and perfect for a lunch date here is our second option:

MARK The Nude Look Dress 29.00

Canvas Knot Wedge 19.99

Flower Ballet 22.99

Jubilee Slide 17.99

So there you have it! Two versatile outfits for those rare but always cherished date nights. Now it is your turn to link up. It can be an outfit you have tried, something online you love, or anything fashion related. We will look at everyone's submissions and you might get yours featured! So start linking! Enjoy!


  1. HI, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. I am a follower of yours and will be back soon. I love the shoes on this post...I'm a little too old and wide to wear the cute dresses LOL. Have a great Friday..

  2. Found you from friday follow! I love that second outfit! Avon makes clothing??? Where have I been - I had no idea!

  3. You look fabulous in that dress. I love the ruffle pumps.

  4. So cute. Unfortunately most of our dates are at home :( Guess I could still sexy it up at home!

  5. i am a new follower from the ff. I love the mid heel bow slide and the canvas knot wedge. i also adore that second outfit. i look forward to reading more in the future. stop by and say hi and become a follower.

  6. new follower! found you through TGC, great site!

  7. I found you on Follow Me Friday and now following you! Great Blog!

  8. Hey, droping by from Friday follow, I'm a new follower. Happy to meet new blogging friends! Have a great weekend.

  9. Your dress is very pretty!

    I just love the Nude Look dress, it is adorable!

    Found your blog from Friends Making Friends!

  10. Found you from Follow Me Friday. Cute Blog!

  11. Really adorable site!!! I love the layout and the header. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!! I really appreciate it!

  12. I love them all, especially the shoes!! I can't wait to be back into my regular clothes and out of my maternity clothes then I will participate.

  13. Good evening! :)

    We're stopping by from the FF to say hello and wish you a beautiful and relaxing weekend! Come on over and visit the Freely Living Life Family when you have some down time. We are now following of your blog and look forward to coming by to see you again soon! <3 ((hugs))

  14. New here from TGC, love your blog!


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