March 21, 2010

Getting To Know You Sunday!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all have had an amazing weekend with your family and friends. It is time for another getting to know you Sunday over at Mannland!  

Here are the questions:

1. What year did you graduate high school?

2003...I'm a youngin lol

2. What part of your body do you neglect the most?

My hair's in a ponytail most days

3. Beach house or Lake house?

Lake house in New Hampshire with my extended family!

4. Mac or PC?


5. Did you wear braces?

Nope..I was lucky enough to be the only one out of all 5 of us to not have braces.

6. If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be?

Oh wow thats hard...I have so many people that I admire but I think I would have to choose Jane Austen. Just to be able to see what went on in her mind to write amazing stories would be awesome

7. How many times have you moved in your life?

Let's see..growing up I lived in 4 different places, and during 3 years of our marriage we have lived 4 different places with one more coming this summer!

8. Would you rather cook or clean?

Cook! Well bake lol

Happy Sunday you guys!!!

Your turn!

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  1. I love Getting to Know You Sunday, its a great time to meet new bloggy friends! Loved reading your answers, and your blog is too cute!

  2. Loved getting to know you - we're a lot a like =D. We'd just have different answers for 6 and 7.

  3. I didn't pick Jane Austin specifically, but I did pick someone in her time period :)

  4. I graduated in 2003 too... and I would bake any day over cooking! I found your blog on The Purse Blogger, and I love it! I'm your newest follower! ;)


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