April 2, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Easter!

Good Morning, Ladies! Amanda here! Happy Good Friday to you all! Easter is approaching us this weekend and you deserve an easy, effortless and not to mention, fabulous outfit for the day!

A floor-length dress with beaded embellishments and lightweight material is an excellent way to keep up with the kiddies while maintaining your feminine charm.  The silhouette works for everyone's shape...yes, you ready that right: works for everyone's shape! Why? As I mentioned before, empire waist dresses flow away from the body, accentuating your shape in all the right place. ;) 

Add a white crochet-Trim cardi to the mix for an instant church-ready ensemble- or if you're a little chilly.  It's soft, simple and adds instant style to any outfit. 

Trend Alert! Add a skinny belt over your cardigan at waist-level is a fairly new trend.  It's awesome and fun new way to add more pizzazz to your outfit- with a bonus slimming effect. To read more about belts and slimming effect see "Fashionista Belts: The New Clothing Jewelry!" 

A soft pink and gold necklace will do the trick with this outfit because it is subtle and feminine.  The dress has beading at the neckline, so it's important to keep your jewelry simple.  Otherwise you'll end up with two objects trying to compete for attention, which becomes very distracting to the eye. 

Comfy and beautiful- not to mention- a great neutral to tie into your overall Easter look.  Again, the dress is the main show-piece, anything you add to it must be neutral and subtle in which it will only enhance your look without overpowering it.  Polish your toes in Easter pink and you're ready for Easter Sunday with the family! Enjoy <3


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  2. Great look! I just blogged today about a cardigan from Old Navy and other pieces I like there since they have a $10/$50 purchase coupon out right now. To see it and get the coupon feel free to check it out on my blog here! Glad to have found you!

  3. Glad you ladies enjoyed the outfit! Yes, Old Navy is fantastic for coupons and online discounts. Their cardigans are so friggin' cute! <3


  4. Nice collection of Dresses looking forward o buy one of these for my wife's birthday . ladies leather jackets


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