April 23, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Investing in Your PJ's

Good Morning Fashionista! Amanda from Fashionista On A Dime here.....
If you are new to "Fashionable Fridays" ~WELCOME! Pull up a cushy chair, grab a cup of coffee and let's chat.....My very good friend, Shannon (the owner of this fabulous crafty blog), is an amazing woman. She cares about your fashion needs and wants to see you happy with every area of mommy-hood including your wardrobe. It's commonly placed on the back-burner because you are busy caring for little ones and your significant other.  Where is the time? Well, you deserve to carve out some time (like now!) an reward yourself for being so nurturing and giving! So, for your prize, I want to give you easy tips to uncover your inner Fashionista you once knew and ditch the old sweats and t-shirt routine.

So far we've showcased outfits that will 'wow' your husband on date-nights. We've created fabulous yet comfortable outfits for you to run errands with the kids. We also put together outfits that you can relax in while hanging out at home. Make sure you check those out, too.

Today I'd like to focus on another area that often is overlooked: your pj collection! Sleep time is another opportunity to give back to yourself. It's a time that is so easy to carve out for yourself because the kids are (usually) asleep before you hit the sack. So this may be a little easier for you to kick into gear.  Are you ready? Here we go!

Investing in your pj's has many benefits.  The top two are: 1. Enriched sleeping experience. Wearing comfy, cozy pajamas increase the value of our resting time because the soft fabric relaxes you faster than you can say "Night-Night!" Plus.. relaxed sleep = renewed body and mind.  2. We feel pretty and cherished.  We tend to be more beneficial to others when we are good to ourselves first. We are happier and healthier, therefore making the perfect nurturer for your family. Sounds good, right? Invest in your PJ's today!

Thank you for tuning into another Fashionable Friday: Investing in Your PJ's. See you next Friday! <3 Amanda

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  1. I love comfy slippers and a robe too.
    Here's my little fashion post plus a giveaway for hair accessories! http://craftymommydiva.blogspot.com/2010/04/fashionable-fridays-4-haircoverings.html


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