April 16, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Easy & Chic Plaid

Happy 'Fashionable' Friday, ladies! Amanda from Fashionista On A Dime here, bringing a FUN Do-It-Yourself kind of trend.  Plaid, button-up tops are hot and trendy right now. The good news for women everywhere? It's an affordable and comfortable day time and weekend look! We love that, right? RIGHT! :) Let's take a look....

Color: White plaid is very flattering to all skin tones thanks to the brilliant 'pop' of color. The jewel tones offset any type of skin tone beautifully. However, if you're not loving the color, rest assured there are MANY more color options available.
(I'm soo loving the authentic looking pearl-snap buttons too! Makes me think of the movie: Coyote Ugly. ;)
Fit: This plaid top is my favorite because it contours a woman's body proportionately.  If your midsection is a problem area for you, this top acts as a concealer.
Add: To change up this look or layer it, add a lace insert cami to pump up the feminine factor.  For warmth: add a hooded zip-up sweater or a nice jacket.
Accessories: Keep it simple at top, ladies! Pendant necklaces are perfect. If you're dying to add a chunky piece, let it be a bracelet.

Versatility: Denim jeans are great for this plaid trend. Keep in mind, you don't have to stop there. You can change it up and add a jean skirt, jean shorts, or denim capri's. That's what so fabulous about this trend, it goes with your favorite pair of denim! :)

Handbags are just like icing on the cake! Add this delicious accessory to your look and increase the storage of your purse and add more style and character with an offset color.  Voila! You're in fashion, Fashionista! I hope you enjoyed another Fashionable Friday with Fashionista On A Dime! Enjoy your weekend! <3 Amanda


  1. I just got a great little plaid number from Forever 21! I'm lovin' it.

  2. Very cool! I love Forever 21's plaid selection too. Very affordable and chic. <33


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