February 13, 2010

Adorable Fonts!

So many of you have contacted me asking where I get my adorable fonts from. Well I am here to tell you the secret that needs to get out! Are you ready? I get my fonts from the amazing site Kevin and Amanda! Not only does she have tons of fonts to choose from but they are FREE!!!! Yes I said free! She has hundreds of fonts for you to choose from or you can download them all! Here are some of my favorites that you can get:

Pea Anna-Banana

Pea Ash

Pea Biggio

Pea Faye

Pea Kadee

Pea KT Polkie Dots

Pea Shelley Belley

Pea So Lovely

Pea Stacy's Doodle Script

So there are some of the amazing fonts that you can get! Not only can you download them but she also gives you a tutorial on how to install them on your blog! So head on over to Kevin and Amanda and get some for your blog today! Enjoy!


  1. I totally heart that site!! Thats where I got my cool font too! I just realized you have it in your post as well. HOw'd you do that?

  2. If you go to Amanda's blog under blog tutorials she explains how to add it to your posts as well!

  3. Thanks for the info on the free fonts. I am here from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Can't wait to download a couple of these fonts. Thanks.


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