February 26, 2010

Shamrock Love

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here and while I wish I was celebrating having my hubby home he is gone tonight. :( Sad for me but good for him because he was able to drive down to Camp Pendleton (took him 3 1/2 hours will all the traffic!!) to go to his good friend David's going away party. They deployed three times together and grew really close while in the Marines together. My hubby was even a sword bearer for the traditional arch when David and his wife Kristen were married in August 2008. David is deploying to Afghanistan for 13 months so it was really important for him to go to this party, even if I don't get to see him until tomorrow but it is worth it! We will be praying for you David & Kristen!

Now on a happier note I have found another adorable St. Patrick's Day decor for you! Now how many of you still have the dollar section wooden hearts you bought from this post? Well that is ok because I have found a way for you to use these for St. Patrick's Day! I know, you are thinking, "How on earth can I use hearts, for the kiss me factor?" Well did you know that if you flipped four of those adorable hearts you make a shamrock! Neither did I! (I know I shame my name lol) Good thing for us Kelly @Make It Sparkly Mama not only realized this but made an amazing decoration for everyone's budget! This is the first time that I wish I had not completed a project so I still had these hearts to make this

So make sure you head on over and see Kelly and give her some Shamrock Love! Enjoy!

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  7. Very Cute! I think I might do this using my baby's hands to make the hearts. Thanks!

    My husband is in the Air Force. He's not been deployed yet, but I know the time will come. I dread it! So nice for your hubby to go be there for his friends!


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