February 17, 2010

Dollar Tree Dishtowel Apron

Hello my fabulous readers! I hope you are all having a fantastic Wednesday! I will make this short and sweet because I am exhausted from running around all day. Part of the running around included attempting to get the supplied for this adorable apron, but due to my brat princess I was unable to do so. With that being said I will not show you what I made like I planned and instead show you Michelle's  fantabulous pictures! This is so easy to make and she made you a very easy tutorial as well. So head on over to Land of the Misfit Toys and make yours today!

*Don't forget to check out my contest on choosing a party day and name! The winning idea will get be featured!


  1. Cute apron...great idea! Love it!

  2. Thanks so much! I can't believe I wasn't already following you, I thought I was and couldn't find you in my dashboard! Solved that problem!

  3. Adorable apron!
    Love your site, found it through the Mom Bloggers Club.


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