February 18, 2010

How To Make a Nursing Cover

First off I would like to say that no I am not preggo, at least not yet but no worries I will let you fantabulous readers know once I am. I am posting this for all my readers who are preggo and for my friends who are due any day now! Now all of us mommy's know how much easier it is to nurse with these covers, but they are expensive! Most cost around $35 and are cute but no the oh.em.gee. that is the cutest thing ever reaction some of us like to go for! So why not make our own?! Well that is exactly what Little Birdie Secrets came up with! They made a super easy tutorial on how to make one of these! And the best thing is that you can customize it for you or the mommy you are making it for! Here is what Little Birdie Secrets came up with:

And here is Every Crafty Endevor's adorable version:

I am hoping to make some for my preggo friends! If you make one I would love to see it! Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the feature! These really are so easy to make! When you do some I would love to see so I hope you post them. It is fun to see all the different fabrics and ideas.


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