February 23, 2010

From Plain to Princess

Happy Tuesday fantabulous readers! I hope you all had a great day and I am sorry this is coming so late in the day but we had pre-school this morning and my car breaking down, again, and lots of other things to catch up on but here I am now!

So there is this wall in my daughter's room that was plain and white and boring. It was not much room to work with since it is between her entry and her closet. So I have been collecting items over the months and I put the finishing touch on last night that completed the look!



Mud Pie Tooth and Curl Treasure Box Set (gift)

Cross Frame (gift) Aurora-1 month old

Prince Frame (2 dollars) Daddy and Aurora-6 months old

Modge-Podge "A" made by me (5 dollars)

Adorable picture shelf (5 dollars from second-hand store) that I painted pink and added three black and white pictures from her 2nd birthday

The finished Product! Along with my "Princess Project" (4 dollars)

So there you have it! A drab to fab wall for only 16 dollars! Enjoy!



  1. Very cute! Perfect way to spice up that wall.
    Jenn :)

  2. I love the Princess checklist. So cute. I have to show that to my girls.


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