January 12, 2010

2 Dollar Bookshelf Valentine's Re-do

Ok so I have this storage cabinet that I bought awhile from Target:




I have some fabric cubes that go into the compartments with no backs but the 5 other are decorative. I usually have some things on it but they are not very cute and I wanted to do something for Valentine's Day. So while shopping in the dollar section, which is my favorite place ever, I found these adorable packs of Valentine's Day paper. I bought a paper pack that had 8 sheets for 1 dollar and an embellishment pack for 1 dollar. I placed the paper on the bottom of the openings (I had to trim them a bit) and decorated on top of them. I also used some paper to wrap around a candle that I love the smell but it is orange so it does not match the decor. I then took an embellishment and added a ribbon and tied around the candle. Some more candles and pictures later and I love the way it turned out and all for 2 dollars! I hope this inspires you to look for great things in the dollar section or at the dollar tree to spruce up things you have in the house to make an amazing difference! Enjoy!












The Girl Creative

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