January 5, 2010

Sweet Desktop Message

So I was only going to blog once tonight until I found this adorable craft that we can do! I know we all love to give cards for Holidays and Birthdays but wouldn't it be nice to recieve a card on a Wednesday, just because? Or what about giving our husbands a card to show how much we love him and appreciate him? Personally I would love to do this everyday for my husband and while I would do one right now it would probably end up looking like I was drunk while I made it since I am beyond exhaustion right about now! With that being said I swear this is my final post for the night, especially since I am sitting in bed while I type this. (If there are any typos I do apologize!) Back to my point, sorry I ramble when I am tired, I found this really cute tutorial and I am planning on making one tomorrow afternoon (when I have energy) and putting it by my hubby's side of the bed so it will be there when he wakes up the following morning! This is what yours could look like:

I will upload pictures of my card tomorrow and would love to see yours as well! Now off to bed I swear! Enjoy!

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