January 10, 2010

My Dream Room!!!

So I have a favorite blog that I look at everyday! This is the blog where I get ideas, recipes, and my adorable fonts that you see all over my page! This blog is called Kevin and Amanda where Amanda is the most creative person ever. She is what I strive to be at someday and the thing I love the most is her scrapbook/sewing/craft room! I am so jealous and hope someday (when all my kids have grown and moved out :/ ) I can have a room like this:

Hello!!! I could sleep in there! I think just standing in there would make anyone feel like sitting down and doing a craft or a scrapbook! I am so jealous but now know why Amanda is so crafty!!! So maybe someday (30 years from now) I will be posting a picture of my craft room just like this one...hey a girl can dream! Enjoy!

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