January 7, 2010

Bedroom Makeover Craft Area!!!!

As most of you know my hubby, daughter, and I live temporarily with my in-laws, so we are limited to our room. Now our room is about 11 x 11 feet so there is not much room to do anything but I love a challenge. It all started with my hubby getting a little more than irritated when he would come in to go to bed and all of my scrapbook supplies would be on our bed since I did not have a space to scrap. He decided enough was enough and we needed to make a space for me to scrap, craft, sew, etc. but did not know how with such a small space. Well I love a challenge so I started brain-storming! Here is what the room looked like before (sorry the pictures are with Christmas decorations that is all I have!):

And here is the big reveal:

Bed is now against the back wall (I hate beds against the wall but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make for my craft area!)

My new craft area! A large piece of wood held by our two nightstands and two center brackets for support.

Look at all that space!

That's over 7 feet of work space!

All of my supplies are nice and organized

My new saying!

So there you have it! And all we had to buy was the wood and brakets! Pretty good for 11 x 11 feet. I hope you enjoyed my bedroom makeover and I look forward to having you all over for some scrapbooking!



  1. WOW! That is amazing!!! How fun for you to have a place for your crafts!

  2. Where there's a will there's a way. Great job! Enjoying crafting.


    Visiting from Somewhat Simple

  3. What a creative solution for your bedroom space! I'm sure you'll enjoy craft-making a whole lot better. :)

  4. craft spaces are a must! way to make it happen!

  5. Thanks for submitting your project to Trendy Treehouse.


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